n-FasT Fast-PCR Covid Test Kit

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500.00 Grams
  • n-FasT Fast-PCR Covid Test Kit
  • n-FasT Fast-PCR Covid Test Kit
  • n-FasT Fast-PCR Covid Test Kit
  • n-FasT Fast-PCR Covid Test Kit
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The n-Fast rapid diagnostic kit using colorimetric technology, allowing the result to be obtained within 30 minutes after swabbing. Thanks to the colorimetric technology, the result is easily visible and distinguishable.

The 8 mixes in the kit are mixed in appropriate proportions (proportions and key points are included in the prospectus) and the swab samples are added and placed in a dry heating block. Color change is observed within 30 minutes.

There are 100 reactions in the n-FasT kit, in which 100 people can be tested with a box of n-FasT. The swab (100 pieces) required to take the swab sample and the Vnat solution (100 pieces) to store the sample until the test is sent with the n-FasT.

For detailed information, you can write to info@nanografi.com

The N-FasT Covid-19 diagnostic kit, which was developed by Nanografi Nano Teknoloji A.Ş., tested by Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, and approved by the Public Health Center, was produced with a much higher performance than all the qualities of its counterparts after an intensive R&D study. The reaction, which is performed without the need for a PCR device, can produce results within a period of 30 minutes after swabs. N-FasT, which emerged with the support of advanced nano technology materials, shows superior performance values ​​than all the kit studies currently carried out in the world.

Unlike rapid antibody diagnostic kits and screening kits with long-term results and low accuracy, the N-FasT diagnostic kit differs from its counterparts with the advantage of being able to give results at the bedside after swab collection. The N-FasT test kit, which eliminates the negativities such as long queues in screening tests, public health risk caused by free movement of positive cases when they wait for results after swab operations, costs, limited number of tests that can be performed in a limited time, will be able to respond quickly to high volume needs with its ease of mass production. . . With an accuracy rate of more than 98% in the screening test at the bedside, the N-FasT diagnostic platform will be an important solution in other diagnostic kits.

All scientific and bureaucratic process in Turkey towards the use of diagnostic kits had successfully completed the required eligibility for the use in worldwide completed. For detailed information about the n-FasT diagnostic kit, you can write here.

The n-FasT diagnostic kit, which is brought into use with high performance values ​​as a result of intensive R&D studies of expert scientists in the field, contains a transformable-functionalized technology for different infections. The platform of n-FasT technology, which will open a new era in diagnostic technologies, can be used for common infections in the society, especially influenza. Nanografi will continue to provide effective solutions in other areas where it is needed by meeting the diagnosis need for Covid-19.

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The N-FasT diagnostic kit, which successfully passed all tests and performed clinical trials at Hacettepe University and approved by the Public Health Center, was approved by the relevant authorities of the Ministry of Health. Nanografi Nano Teknoloji A.Ş., which has Medical Device Sales Center Authorization Certificate approval. will meet the needs with the assurance. With its expert engineers, researchers, sales support experts, Nanografi Nano Teknoloji A.Ş. continues its biotechnology studies on preventive and diagnostic studies in the fight against Covid-19. Click to get information.

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