Mol-C Dry 305 Spray

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  •  Mol-C Dry 305 Spray
  •  Mol-C Dry 305 Spray
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Mol-C Dry 305 Spray

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Product Group  Lubricants and Coatings
Trade Name           Mol-C Dry 305 Spray
 Product Number  NG10CMW0945


Physical Properties

Standard Test Unit Result
ISO 2431 Viscosity at   24°C (#4 cup) s Seconds 24
DIN 53217/2 Density at 20°C g/ml 1.09
CTM 0242 I Nonvolatile content % 28
Service Temperature Range °C -185 to 445
ASTM D2625 Falex load-carrying N b=4450 p=12400 s=6700
ASTM LFW-I, rotating   b=215
D2714 F= 2860 N, n= 72 p=151
  rpm s=310
  V= 7.9 m/minute  
  No. of revolutions x  
  1000 to μ= 0.1  

Load Carrying Capacity, Wear Protection, Service Life


How to use

Surface preparation

First, clean and degrease the surface that will be coated with Mol-C Dry 305 Spray. Phosphatization or sandblasting (180 grit) increases the adhesion and service life.


How to apply

Bulk liquid Mol-C Dry 305 Spray should be stirred or rolled thoroughly before applying by brushing or spraying.



For metal/metal combinations with slow to medium fast movements and high loads. Both the liquid coating and aerosolized spray have been used for improving the running-in process and for lubrication of plain bearings, bushings and sleeves, power screw drives, threaded connections/fasteners, and high voltage switches – even under high vacuum and at extreme temperatures. Additionally, Mol-C Dry 305 Spray is used frequently for slides, guides and tracks. Mol-C Dry 305 Spray is frequently used on hard to reach surfaces or for emergency boundary lubrication as well as on chains or as a multi-purpose penetrant.

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