Anti Friction Coatings

Anti Friction Coatings

Anti-Friction Coatings (AFCs)

AFCs form a dry film and optimize friction of metal, plastic and elastomer parts – even under intense loads and harsh operating and environmental conditions. The coatings are easy to apply by spraying, brushing, dip-spinning, roll-coating or screen printing.

After curing, the bonded, dry lubricating film provides durable wear protection with a certain level of corrosion protection and resists dust and contamination.

AFCs typically contain PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide) or graphite lubricating solids. The color of AFCs with PTFE is black and with MoS2 is gray.

Depending on your lubrication need, precise formulations can be engineered with these or other lubricating solids to provide customized options that meet your exact requirements.

Product selection depends on service requirements, the desired coating method and specific advantages for different applications. From selecting the right formulation for your application needs to identifying the proper coating methods, you can rely on our experts for help.

Anti-Friction Coatings have solid lubricant particles dispersed in carefully selected blends of resin and solvents. The volume concentration of lubricants and choice of raw materials are important for the lubricating and corrosion-protection properties. Once applied to a metal or plastic, these paint-like solutions bond to the coated surface and provide a slippery lubricating film that is dry and clean. The film covers all surface roughness and optimizes metal-to-metal, metal-to-plastic or plastic-to-plastic friction even under extreme loads and working conditions.

AFCs are particularly effective in boundary friction and mixed friction states. In these states, direct metal-to-metal contact and wear take place because fluid hydrodynamic lubrication cannot be realized. In AFCs, the solid lubricants are kept on the substrate surface by the bonding force of the resin package so the surfaces are always separated by an effective dry film–whether under very low speeds, oscillating movements or high loads. AFCs also support hydrodynamic lubrication as an agent to improve running-in. AFCs provide lubricity in case of hydrodynamic film breakdown.

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