Rundown on Silver Conductive Adhesive Paste


The Silver Conductive Adhesive Paste is a glue that is mostly used for electronics. The electric conductivity of silver conductive adhesive paste is caused by silver component that makes up to 80% of the total mass of a silver conductive adhesive paste. Silver is suspended in a sticky component that holds the silver conductive adhesive paste together. The particles of the silver are in contact to each other and in this way make electric current possible.

The silver conductive adhesive paste has been originally designed for use during the manufacture of display modules for electronic products, such as smart phones, laptops etc. Silver conductive adhesive paste exhibits excellent electrical conductivity and good adhesion to a vast array of substrates, including those critical to the LCD and LCM markets. Silver conductive adhesive paste can also be used for producing or repairing PCB track, to paint-on an electrical screen, or to make electrical connections to non-solderable surfaces. This conductive adhesive is simple to apply with a brush and is touch-dry in approximately 5 minutes and usable in 10 minutes.

Characteristics of silver conductive adhesive paste:

  • Excellent electrical conductivity; passes the RA test (1000hours, 85°C and 85% RH).
  • Fast curing; suitable for application via high speed automatic dispenser.
  • Good adhesion to ITO and CF substrates; ideal for the manufacture of display modules.
  • Non-halogen and Sb free; can be stored under standard ambient conditions.

  • Significantly, silver conductive adhesive paste is not dissolved by Tuffy conformal coatings, which are frequently applied to the electrodes of flat panel displays. This means that it can be coated with Tuffy alternately, which greatly simplifies the assembly process and results in marked improvements to production efficiency.


    Silver Conductive Adhesive Paste is mainly used as the conductive.

    - Silver Conductive Adhesive Paste is used for the backside of solar cell.

    - Silver Conductive Adhesive Paste is used for inner electrode.

    Silver Conductive Adhesive Paste also has good properties in damp-heat resistance and chemical.

    - Silver Conductive Adhesive Paste is widely used in home supplies

    16th Mar 2018 Diyar Sadyraliev

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