Nickel Vanadium Sputtering Targets and Applications

Generally nickel vanadium alloys can be obtained in composition of Ni:V is 1:7 in weight and this alloy have numerous applications in semiconductor industry. This alloy shows the electrical, chemical and optical properties of nickel. By adding vanadium to nickel, we can also get being non-ferromagnetic property from this alloy. By the property of being non-ferromagnetic nickel vanadium sputtering targets can be used in magnetron sputtering.

As we mentioned before nickel vanadium sputtering targets can be used in semiconductor applications. To obtain resistive films, diffusion barriers and prewetting layers nickel vanadium sputtering targets can be a good choice. The films which can be obtained by nickel vanadium alloy sputtering targets can be used in adhesion layers for under-bump metals to support flip chips.

Thin films obtained by nickel vanadium sputtering targets can also be used as corrosion protecting metal barriers for the solar absorber aluminum substrate.

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