Nickel Foam for Battery Cathode Substrate

As the importance of lithium ion batteries increases, the different components are started to be used in them. One of the important materials that is in lithium ion batteries is current collectors. Current collectors are important because they have a role in electrochemical energy storage.

The important thing for a current collector is to keep their internal resistance low in order to improve the electrochemical properties of this kind of electrochemical energy storage systems. Also a good current collector must have high conductivity, chemical stability during electrolyte and the potential window and mechanical strength. According to the studies made in this field it has been proved that porous materials which can be used as current corrector give good results in lithium ion batteries.

One of the materials that can be used as current collector in lithium ion battery systems is nickel foam. Nickel Foam for Battery Cathode Substrate has low density and porous structure with typically 75–95% of the volume consisting of void spaces, which means that is a selectable material as current collector. Nickel foam can be used in many various functions in energy absorption and rechargeable battery applications. According to the studies where nickel foam used states that nickel foam is a good current collector in alkaline supercapacitors as long as we subtract the contribution from the nickel foam to get correct specific capacitances of the active material.

So we can say that nickel foam is a good material to be used as a current collector in lithium ion batteries with the properties of high conductivity and 3D interconnected structure. 

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11th Jan 2019 Gamze AYDEMİR

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