Lanthanum Nickel Oxide Sputtering Targets and Applications

Lanthanum nickel oxide with the chemical formula of LaNiO3 is an important perovskite-type oxide with metallic conductivity.

Lanthanum nickel oxide is a ternary compound with unique chemical and physical properties. It shows an extended range of oxygen-deficient compositions, an uncommon intrinsic n-type metallic conductance, a perovskite crystal structure and thermal and chemical stability. These characteristics make LNO a technologically important perovskite oxide electrode in many potential applications such as ferroelectric thin film capacitors, solid oxide fuel cells, nonvolatile ferroelectric random access memories and multilayer actuators.

Furthermore, LNO films have potential to be used as oxygen pressure and ethanol active sensing layers. Also, the reduced La–Ni mixed oxides are reported to be good catalyst precursors to synthesized organic compounds and to grow large amounts of regular diameter distribution controlled carbon nanotubes. Different chemical and physical thin film deposition techniques have been used to prepare LNO on various substrates. Chemical methods such as chemical vapor deposition, metallo-organic chemical vapor deposition and chemical solution deposition have been used to prepare LNO films. Physical methods such as sputtering, pulsed laser deposition and mist plasma evaporation have also been reported. Wet chemical solution deposition techniques provide simple and versatile alternative methods for thin film preparation.

As a summary we can state that lanthanum nickel oxide forms films with excellent properties and ths compound is one of the promising candidates of the oxide electrodes for thin-film ferroelectric devices. Also in fuel cells lanthanum nickel oxide sputtering targets can be used. If you need lanthanum nickel oxide for your research needs, you can click the links given below and give an order:


13th Sep 2018 Melik Fırat BASCİ

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