Aluminum Sputtering Targets and Their Applications

Aluminum Sputtering Targets and Their Applications

Aluminum which has the chemical symbol of Al, is a silvery white, soft, ductile metal that is the third most abundant element. Aluminum is notable due to for its light weight, strength, durability and for its ability to resist corrosion. Aluminum forms an extremely thin but very strong layer of oxide film. Aluminum has also high thermal and electrical conductivity.


Sputtering is a proven technology capable of depositing thin films from a wide variety of materials on to diverse substrate shapes and sizes. Aluminum sputtering targets can be used for film deposition. The process with Aluminum sputtering targets is repeatable and can be scaled up from small research and development projects. The prosess with Aluminum sputtering targets can be adapted to the production batches involving medium to large substrate areas.

Aluminum sputtering targets have a particularly fine-grained microstructure. This property of Aluminum sputtering targets ensures that you benefit from uniform erosion and a low susceptibility to particle formation throughout the sputtering process.

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